What is psychotherapy

Psychotherapy, also known as talking therapy or simply therapy.

Psychotherapy tends to go on longer than a round of counselling sessions and more likely to be in-depth than counselling. Psychotherapy is more likely to explore the past as well as the present and more likely to explore childhood root issues instead of just behavioural patterns.

If you enter psychotherapy, it means your therapist has at least four years of training, and they can deal with ingrained mental health problems and disorders that have developed over a long period.

What is counselling

Counselling is a type of therapy in its own right. Counselling is more likely to be action and behaviour focused, more likely to be short-term and more likely to focus on your present issues over past issues.

However, both counselling and psychotherapy are often referred to as talking therapies and both explore feelings, beliefs, and thoughts, focus on creating a safe, supportive environment. Psychotherapy and counselling help you understand yourself better, help you understand others better and help you make better choices and move forward in life.

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