When Black Women win victories, it is a boost for virtually every segment of society.
-Angela Davis

The underrepresentation of Black women in leadership and business is a significant issue in the UK and the world. While progress has been made in recent years to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace, Black women remain absent in senior leadership roles and as entrepreneurs. According to Green Park and McKinsey & Company research, leadership positions have historically been reserved for white men. Still, these unbalanced spaces are gradually becoming more diverse. However, black professional women remain hidden in these rooms, and the decisions made without their influence and input affect their lives and the lives of the community, which is not always reflected in the decisions made.

The shortage of Black women in leadership positions is a complex issue that has deep historical roots and continues to be perpetuated by systemic barriers and discrimination. Black female entrepreneurs often face difficulties in securing funding for their businesses due to systemic bias and discrimination in the financial industry. This can make starting and growing a business challenging and limit their ability to compete with their peers. In addition, many Black female entrepreneurs struggle to build a network of business contacts and mentors, making it harder to find the right advice, support, and opportunities to grow their businesses. Moreover, the lack of representation of Black women in the business world means that they may struggle to find role models and mentors who look like them and have faced similar challenges.

Despite facing significant obstacles, many Black women have made and continue to make significant contributions as leaders and business owners in various fields. However, there is no denying that Black women remain underrepresented in leadership and business across various industries and sectors. This is due in part to the intersectional challenges that Black women face, such as racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination that are compounded by their identity.

To address this issue, HerNext was created to address the leadership gap for black women and increase their representation in leadership and business by removing racial, gender, and career barriers. We provide evidence-based training, development, mental health and well-being support, and mentoring through our digital platform for emerging black women leaders and entrepreneurs. We hold employers accountable by advocating for psychologically safe workplaces where Black women can thrive. Our goal is to eliminate obstacles to professional development, mentorship, mental health support, and networking opportunities for black women so they can reach their full potential.

Creating a more equitable society requires a collective effort to address systemic barriers and discrimination that impact Black women and other marginalised groups. By working together, we can create a more just and inclusive world where everyone has the opportunity to succeed and lead.


Individual membership

Join us and start future-proofing your career today. Whatever level you are in, from entry-level to the boardroom, it has never been more important to take care of your own personal development.

  • Learning leadership, entrepreneurial and mental well-being skills and tools through self-paced Webinars, Workbooks, Masterclasses and Articles.
  • Access to senior female role models, including advice, experience and thought leadership.
  • Develop at your own speed, to your own needs.
  • Join a global tribe of Black women to gain the confidence and skills you need, from promoting your personal brand and building your executive presence to motivating your team and delivering powerful presentations.

Corporate membership

Powering businesses to achieve their Racial and Gender inclusion goals.

Retain, Empower and Protect Your Black Female Workforce

Our evidence-based and psychologically safe solutions provide employers with data-driven strategies to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in the workplace while prioritizing the mental well-being of their Black professional women employees. We tailor our solutions to meet these Black women’s unique needs and experiences, helping employers create a safe and supportive environment where Black women can thrive.


Employee Assistance Programme

Promoting the psychological safety and well-being of Black employees.

  • UK Based 24/7 helpline connects you to our counselling and advice.
  • Culturally sensitive Counselling services and Executive leadership coaching.
  • Mental health training for managers and leaders.


Psychological Consulting

  • Culturally Sensitive Psychological Assessment Well-being Tool: Measuring the Well-being, Burnout and Performance of their Black employees, identify areas for improvement. This can help companies track progress and make data-driven decisions to create a more inclusive and supportive environment.

Training Programmes

Black Women Leadership Blueprint

The Black Women Leader Blueprint is a 7-month training for developing and supporting mid-career Black women in various sectors wanting to pivot to the next leadership level. A trauma-informed group learning environment designed to help learn, heal, and grow in their leadership capacity.

Specifically, this program will help you in these key focus areas:

  • Leadership Development
  • Mental health and Self-care
  • The BOLD Formula

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