Family Counselling

If there are troubles in your family that remain, unresolved or there are individuals in your family feeling unsettled after periods of transitions, then family counselling may be for you.

Family counselling involves bringing the whole family together to explore their issues as a whole. The issues in the family might relate to only one individual or involve greater complexity where the cause is difficult to determine. The basis of family counselling is that these issues can be worked through together as a family.

During the beginning session, your counsellor would try to establish your expectations and what you would like to achieve from your counselling sessions. There will be time to explore the circumstances and views of each member of the family. This is important because it allows each family member to look at the situation through the other’s eyes and appraise the impact of their own behaviour and actions.

Family counselling is a solution-focused typically short-term counselling lasting around 6 to 20 sessions. You might choose to continue to work with the counsellor after the family sessions, which could be suggested by your counsellor.

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