Affordable Counselling

At Frontline Therapist counselling service, we offer affordable ways of accessing Counselling, Psychotherapy and Counselling Psychology through our low-cost service if you are on benefits or on a low income.

We have a team of caring counsellors, psychotherapists and counselling psychologists who will support you through any issues or worries you may be experiencing in a comfortable and confidential environment. We make it easy for you to find the right therapist to help you.

Our therapists work both short and long term across a range of issues, using various approaches to therapy. You decide how long you want to come for.

Our low-cost counsellors, psychotherapists and counselling psychologists are either in training, working towards qualification or accreditation.

Please note that none of the counsellors specialises in working with sex offenders, sex therapy, murder and criminality. These issues will not be discussed in the counselling sessions.

We only work with adult’s age 18+.

For further information please email:


Drop-in service

Are you unable to afford ongoing counselling sessions or unable to commit to weekly sessions? But you want a safe and confidential space to have a professional listen to you and receive emotional support.

We can signpost you to relevant services if you need further support.

You can book and pay for a drop-in session at your convenience. You will then be contacted by the practitioner to confirm your appointment and you will have a virtual drop-in session.

There will be 30 minute and 50-minute sessions available.

30-minute sessions are £15.75

50-minute sessions are £31.50



E-Gift Voucher

Buy an E-Gift voucher to redeem.

Exchange an E-Gift voucher for a counselling session or two.

Send a Gift voucher to a friend and encourage them to start their healing journey.

E-Gift voucher is non-refundable even if it is partially used.

Use this link to order your E-Gift voucher

Instructions on how to redeem at the checkout.

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