Employee Assistance Programme

Frontline Therapist provides companies, such as yours, with a complete Employment Assistance Programme, which includes:

  • Culturally sensitive counselling
  • Mental health training
  • Inclusion and diversity training
  • Training of mental health champions


‘Happy Employees, Happy Customers, Successful Company’.  


We believe a healthy workplace environment, where all employees’ well-being is considered a priority, where companies will find that their business can thrive; with improvements in aspects of performance, productivity, reduced sickness absences and increased commitment.

What makes us different?

We are a number one online Culturally Sensitive Counselling Service in the United Kingdom. We are dedicated in meeting individual mental health needs and supporting individuals on their journey towards mental wellness. This is done through providing safe therapeutic spaces for Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups and having experience providing culturally sensitive counselling, workshops, wellness sessions and anti-oppressive training.

The following are some organisations we have worked with:

  • The Carers Family
  • Netflix
  • Igbo Support cultural Network
  • Niyo enterprise

If you believe your organisation can benefit from our Employee Assistance Programme and you would like more information about the cost of each package please contact us on the email below.

Tel: 0207 193 2163


Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). Membership number 00275548.

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