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My personal experience

My experience with mental health has been very personal at various times in my life whether it be my own struggles or a close friend or family member.


My philosophy is that life can be very harsh at times and no one is exempt from this. We all go through some sort of hardship at some point in our lives. I believe that mental health is as important as physical health. Without a sound, healthy mind-set we can easily lose ourselves and be overwhelmed.


Alive and well

I have dealt with hard situations by first and foremost being grateful that I am still alive and physically fit as there are many who are not in this position. I believe that whilst in this state, I have the power to do anything I set my sights on.


I also understand that not everyone has the ability to deal with hardships like myself and that there are many who really struggle with this and end up on a downhill spiral. 


People may end up in mental institutions and never come out, like some of my friends I grew up with. 


There is hope


I believe that if people can be grateful for what they have and understand that nothing in this life is permanent and that we all have the power within us to change our circumstances, then mental health would not be an issue.

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  • Hi Esther
    I hope you are well – I am wondering if you are ever available to do CPD training for other organizations- we are looking for someone to run a day on our Mental Health Familiarization programme and think you could bring a wonderful perspective on this – if this is something you might be interested in doing please let me know – very best wishes to you – Geoff

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